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Lecture + Workshop: Stress free in University through meditation

S.204 (Alte Mensa) | Dienstag, 31. Oktober - ab 15:00 Uhr | Kostenlos
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Stress free in University: Stress management and improved learning abilties through meditation

We are proud to present the honorable John Paramai Dhanissaro (Monk John), a Buddhist monk and a meditation teacher from Thailand. Having obtained a PhD in Telematics in Norway in 2008, he has dedicated himself to ordain as a Theravada Buddhist Monk and share the art of meditation to thousands of people in the world through workshops, retreats and meditation sessions.

Stress is something that many university students are familiar with. It can be caused by many things – the most obvious for university students are examinations and assignment deadlines, work, problems with friendships and relationships, financial problems, perfectionism and balancing studying and life.

„Stress free in University – Stress management and improved learning abilities through meditation.“ is one of the Peace Revolution PIPO (Peace In, Peace Out) Europe events where Theravada Buddhist monk and meditation teacher Venerable John Paramai Dhanissaro (Monk John) will speak about how meditation can be used as a tool for stress management during our studies.

During the workshop, the Teaching Monk will also introduce the participants to basic meditation techniques, guide a meditation session and answer some questions.
Some benefits of meditation:
– stress resistance,
– better concentration,
– relaxation,
– better sleep
– increasing of life energy,
– better control of emotions,
– higher creativity,
– enhanced memory,
– self-discovery

Monk John works for Peace Revolution, a project initiated by the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) in 2008 in Thailand. It is an international organization that aims to promote the culture of peace in the world through the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

The lecture will be held in English.

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